DCP – Premium

  • Duration: 21 days
  • Training hours: 136
  • Total modules: 6

Module Breakdown


 Learning Outcome

Excalibur – Systems training

Understand the collection system used to efficiency of agents to collect

Communication skills

Understand personal social and communication styles that enable for good rapport building and enhancement to negotiation

Negotiation skills

Understanding the different negotiation techniques to use to allow for the effective collection of debt

Payment methods

An instruction to the different payment methods used in the process of collecting debt

Legislation governing Debt Collection

Understanding the acts and the legislation that govern the debt collections to ensure ethical practices are applying during the recovery and rehabilitation process


Applying the knowledge and skills learnt from all the theorical training


  • Excalibur – OR any Systems training
  • Theory
  • Practical assessments
  • Communication skills
  • Effective communication
  • Social style
  • Role plays – Applied competence
  • Negotiations skills
  • Payment methods
  • Live simulations of theory training
  • Legislation governing Debt Collection
  • Client specific product training
  • Incubation and on the job application
  • Monitoring and Coaching by subject matter experts and accredited coaches
  • Onboarding and Induction onto the call center
  • Full DCP report on candidates giving an overview of each candidate’s progression and acquired competencies

Addition interventions that come with option

  1. Extended 5 days on the floor support – Partnership between Operations and MAD academy
  2. Huddle sessions with trained agents to reiterate focus for the day
  3. Live assessments of work application and coaching
  4. Calibration sessions at the end of each day to introspect on the day and plan for the next day
  5. 1 Month practical in live call center with buddy program


  • Acknowledgement of training document by candidate – confirm all learning completed and applied
  • Letter of Completion – details all knowledge and skills learnt and assessments completed