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Make a difference in peoples lives by providing training and assist in job placement. Assist the employer, employee, and general public in providing training – and sourcing solutions in the contact centre industry.

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Here at MAD Academy, we strongly believe that each individual can make a difference if given the correct skills and opportunity.

Our programs are designed to promote the practical application of knowledge and skills in the workplace, which make our candidates saught after in the industry.

Due to our client focused approach we also provide a product specific and on-site training if required.

The Call Centre agent is a special person. They face many challanges: Targets and long hours. They need to stay sharp, be quick to listen and slow to speak…

Listening is a great skill you can apply as an agent. To comprehend exactly what the client on the call is saying, and then propose a possible solution is vital in service delivery.

Learning and Development Manager


Trust defines our interdependence in relationships. Trusting someone is a choice we make towards them, you entrust these parties to enrich your life and growth and in turn we are inspired that they will do the same.


Always remembering to put others first, taking their feelings, wishes and rights in consideration.


Working smarter and not neccissarily harder. Always putting emphasis on what is crucial in every aspect of our daily actions and what we learn.


Taking responisibility for all that we give or share with others, ensuring everything is always at the highest level of quality.


Working together as a unit, ensuring that we give each other constructive feedback so that each one can better perform according to their individual strengths.

Custom Designed Courses Tailored To Meet The Needs Of Your Business

We have subject matter experts who are ready to bring your vision to life by creatively designing a custom program that best suits the needs of your employees and your business model. You can choose which learning outcomes from our range of courses will meet the needs of your employees and organisational development.

Find Out more about what learning solutions we can offer you and your business.

The MAD team adds special value to everyone we train and support.